Landscaping in Boisbriand

Paysagement Duguay offers a wide range of landscaping services in BOISBRIAND.

Over the years, Paysagement Duguay has built a solid reputation as a top landscaping  company in Boisbriand, Sainte-Thérèse, Laval, and the surrounding area. Inspired by nature’s innate beauty and the countless possible combinations of plants and hardscaping materials, we leave nothing to chance when it comes to our clients’ expansion, renovation, and redesign projects. 

Consumers’ Choice 2023

Paysagement Duguay is proud to have won the 2023 Consumers’ Choice Award in the landscaping category. This designation was awarded to us following an extensive and unbiased consumer evaluation conducted by one of North America’s best market research firms. For more than ten years, the Consumer’s Choice Award has been given to the best service providers in their respective industries – just like Paysagement Duguay!

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    Landscaping solutions in Boisbriand

    Paysagement Duguay’s outdoor landscaping services are designed to meet all of your needs in Boisbriand, whether it’s a small excavation project, cedar hedge trimming, or retaining wall construction. 

    Here is a full list of landscaping services we offer:

    • Paving stone installation
    • Sod and grass installation
    • Excavation
    • Earthworks landscaping
    • Cedar hedge cutting and trimming
    • Fertilization and seeding
    • Retaining wall construction services
    • Turnkey landscaping projects


    Our turnkey landscaping projects are perfect for property owners that want a hassle-free experience. This practical solution will leave you with your dream outdoor space without having to lift a finger: our creative landscapers will take care of the analysis, design, planning, production, conceptualization, and installation required to build your garden! 

    One of Paysagement Duguay’s specialties is paving stone installation. Whether you want to refresh your backyard or build a patio, we offer a wide selection of colours, shapes, and textures that suit every style, need, and budget.

    You’ll have the greenest yard in Boisbriand thanks to our sod installation services, designed to revitalize yellowed or sparse grass – or even grow grass from scratch. With our seeding expertise, you’re guaranteed to have a radiant lawn!

    Your landscaping partner

    Let us take care of everything! Let us take care of everything! From paving stones to landscaping and much more, we leave no stone unturned when creating durable, aesthetic projects that are in perfect harmony with nature.

    It will be our pleasure to breathe new life into your outdoor space by planting all kinds of vegetation, including trees, shrubs, cedar hedges, and grass. Installing flowerbeds that mix blooms, herbs, and plants will bring a touch of colour and fragrance to your yard. We can even relocate greenery that’s already on your property according to your vision.

    Paving stones have an unparalleled ability to freshen up a patio, walkway, driveway, or pool area, making them more practical and visually appealing in one fell swoop. Our landscapers can help you make an informed choice among our wide variety of high-quality paving stone brands, including Techo-Bloc, Permacon, Richer, Bolduc, and Rinox.

    The space will be delineated with bricks, stones, or concrete slabs installed in a linear or modular pattern. We have a number of options available, all of them tastefully selected, to cater to any budget or vision. Rustic, urban, monochrome, contrasting, irregular: tell us what you prefer and let us wow you!

    Paysagement Duguay can also take on construction projects, such as retaining walls, to divide your yard into different tiers, preserve your privacy, and add visual interest using texture. These solutions are as practical as they are aesthetic: they also solidify the ground and prevent damage from natural hazards like erosion and landslides.

    Projects of this nature must be backed by a soil study to ensure the installation is safe, durable, and compliant. Key steps include excavation, foundation, edging, bedding, and laying the stones. In short, it requires airtight preparation and implementation – so it’s best to hire specialists who have earned their stripes!

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    Landscaping in Boisbriand