Sod and peat installation services in Laval, Montreal, and the North Shore

Is your yard in rough shape? Do you have a new construction project? Do you roll your eyes every time you see a yard with scattered and yellowed grass? Your outdoor space needs our sod installation service in Laval, Montreal, and the North Shore!

There are many advantages to laying peat in rolls:

  • Less maintenance
  • Instant results
  • No weeds
  • Improve grass density
  • Naturally insect resistant
  • Water efficient
  • Greener grass even during dry periods

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    Our peat laying and installation experts provide a number of options for turnkey service!

    Paysagement Duguay is a team of landscapers with lots of experience installing high-quality sod and seeding lawns in Laval, Montreal, and the North Shore. For each landscaping project entrusted to us, we take the time to properly study the environment and get inspired by the space, completing our work with precision and care.

    With the right advice from our sod specialists, your grass will look better than ever. Whether you need seeding, sodding, or a lawn treatment, we can guide you based on your needs and recommend the best products and maintenance required to keep your lawn looking great!


    What exactly is seeding? Simply put, it’s planting grass seeds into your soil.

    This technique can be used to grow a lawn from scratch or fill out a sparse or damaged lawn. Compared to laying peat moss, seeding offers a few key advantages – namely, the opportunity to choose specific types of grass based on how much sunlight reaches different areas of your lawn, all at an affordable price. Seeding does require a little more patience and thoroughness, which is why you need professional landscapers on your side!

    Laying sod

    For instant results, choose sod!

    Our sod specialists will do everything in their power to create your dream yard:

    • Soil preparation, root cutting/trimming
    • Ground leveling correction
    • Cutting around obstacles
    • Seeding
    • Sod laying
    • Seam watering
    • Workspace cleanup
    • Waste removal

    Sod roll installation is typically done in May and October. This process is a little more expensive than seeding, but it provides a number of benefits: easy maintenance, instant results, no weeds, insect resistance, etc.

    Watering your sod after it’s installed is a must – that’s why our experts will explain the entire process to you.

    The grass of your dreams at a price you’ll love!

    Do you want your yard to turn heads? Looking to increase your curb appeal? It all starts with healthy, green, vibrant grass! Treat yourself without breaking the bank! work with a professional to revamp your yard with seeding or sodding, and you’ll get the best possible results at an affordable price! Contact us to learn more about our rates and get an estimate.

    Laying sod