Cedar hedge cutting and trimming

Cutting your cedar is one the best ways to keep them healthy and hardy. Want your hedges to thrive during the summer and withstand our harsh winters? We can help!

Paysagement Duguay offers cedar trimming services in Laval, Montreal, and the North Shore. Our experts are miracle workers! With special care and attention, our team will keep your yard looking great and maintain your privacy. You will need to prune your cedar hedges once a year, and it’s a responsibility that should not be taken lightly. This annual trim includes pruning from the sides to the top and into the new growth. Our cedar experts will keep your cedars looking their best to promote growth and facilitate future maintenance.

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    Cedar hedge trimming: why hire a professional?

    If you want to ensure your cedars are easy to maintain and remain healthy long-term, you will need to have them trimmed properly. Paysagement Duguay makes sure the shape of your hedges discourages snow accumulation during the winter. Cutting the cedars at the tip prevents them from being crushed under its weight. This way, your hedges will have an easier time making it through Quebec’s harsh winters. Plus an added bonus: the foliage will receive plenty of sunlight!

    Why trim your cedar hedges every year?

    It’s very important to prevent your hedges from becoming overgrown. If they are not trimmed annually, cedars can grow to undesirable heights.

    An annual trim will limit your cedars’ growth while encouraging the density, volume, and beauty of their foliage. Everything you need for a gorgeous natural privacy screen!

    Your landscaping specialist in Laval, Montreal, and the North Shore

    When you choose Paysagement Duguay, you can be sure the right tools will be used to keep your hedges at an ideal height. Looking for a cedar trimming specialist in Laval, Montreal, or the North Shore? Look no further. Paysagement Duguay will keep your hedges healthy and well-appointed, leaving you with both a nicer yard and peace of mind. No need to worry about your cedars anymore – we have everything under control!

    Cedar hedge cutting and trimming