Earthwork landscaping in Montreal, Laval, and the North Shore

Have several landscaping projects in mind? Feeling overhelmed by the work required to complete them? Did you just move into a new home and have no idea where to start?

Our landscape grading services include excavation, laying pavers and sod, and installing flowerbeds. It’s a demanding job that we approach with diligence, planning your landscaping with an eye towards your vision and future projects.

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    In order to accommodate a variety of landscaping projects in your yard – such as laying paving stones, building retaining walls, planting trees, creating a play area, or laying sod – we need to start with excavation.

    Your soil needs to be sturdy and free of any rocks or unnecessary roots. We can even rearrange your plants or shrubs! Our services are provided by skilled professionals using a mini excavator to ensure we leave your soil in perfect condition.

    Choosing the right type of lawn for your needs

    Laying sod offers many advantages for your lawn, including creating a unified appearance, delivering instant results, and preventing weeds.

    It’s also an affordable service that we approach with care. For a carefully done peat installation, you can choose between different types that match your expectations, lifestyle and values.

    Preparing the site with the proper equipment

    Laying sod might seem like a simple process, but in reality, it requires multiple steps and the right high-quality materials. Following these steps properly will leave you with great-looking, long-lasting results.

    Doing your own grading can create areas devoid of grass or leave you vulnerable to weeds. For professional results, choose a landscaper that will be by your side every step of the way.

    Paving stone installation

    Let Paysagement Duguay help you install paving stones for your driveway, entertainment area, or pedestrian walkway.

    There are countless types of paving stones on the market. Let our experts help you make the best selection for your needs. Whether your style is rustic, urban, or minimalist, with a palette that’s muted, uniform, or colorful, we have plenty for you to choose from! We use elegant and durable materials sourced from high-quality brands like Techo-Bloc, Permacon, Groupe Richer, Bolduc, and Rinox.

    Flower bed installation

    Your flowerbeds define your outdoor space, so they’ll need to be installed perfectly. We offer complete flowerbed installation services to ensure they will seamlessly blend into your landscaping.

    This process must be completed following a proper assessment of your terrain and the project you have in mind. Between herbs, annuals, perennials, potted plants, and shrubs, there are countless options at your disposal. All of these elements must be taken into account to create a finished product that’s aesthetically pleasing. At Paysagement Duguay, we take care of every step of your flowerbed installation with our signature quality and expertise, so you can be proud of your yard.

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    Have a grading concept in mind but don’t know where to begin? Paysagement Duguay’s grading service has landscaping down to a science, so you can bring your dreams to life! Our goal is to create an outdoor space that makes you feel totally at home. Based on your expectations and budget, we are perfectly equipped to carry out all of the required grading work,
    from excavation and laying sod to installing paving stones and flowerbeds.

    Earthwork landscaping