Landscaping in Lorraine

Paysagement Duguay offers a wide range of landscaping solutions in Lorraine.

Do you want an outdoor space that’s as beautiful as it is resilient? One that respects its natural environment and creates an oasis where you can relax and be comfortable? Whether you’re looking to build a patio, lay grass, or install paving stones, Paysagement Duguay has a solution for all of your landscaping needs in Lorraine.

Consumers’ Choice 2023

Paysagement Duguay is proud to have won the prestigious Consumers’ Choice Award in 2023, following a thorough customer evaluation. This dynamic selection process produces highly nuanced results, verified by the best market research firms in North America.

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    Lorraine’s landscaping experts

    Our landscaping services in Lorraine are designed to meet all of your needs.

    We can take care of your landscape grading by excavating, laying sod, installing paving stones, and installing flowerbeds with our signature precision and creativity. After solidifying the soil by clearing out any unnecessary stones and roots, we will cover the area with a lush lawn that matches your personality, lifestyle, and values. The installation of paving stones and flowerbeds completes the look – the finishing touch for the patio of your dreams.

    Seeding and sodding are also two of our key specialties. Our qualified specialists know how to choose the best seeds to fill out sparse areas, as well as the best fertilizers to nourish your lawn and make it lush.

    Cedar hedge cutting and pruning has a direct impact on their health and hardiness. Paysagement Duguay promotes hedge growth by trimming them from the sides to the top, ensuring that the foliage can receive full sunlight and withstand Quebec’s climate. Simplify your hedge maintenance – hire us for an annual pruning!

    Our landscapers are also specialized in paving stone and retaining wall installation in Lorraine. We approach each project with passion and precision using the materials you’ve selected from our vast array of top brands including Techo-Bloc and Permacon. We also have mini excavators to complete small excavation jobs, such as digging for landscaping or relocating vegetation.

    Turnkey landscaping to simplify your life

    On top of the commute-work-sleep routine, you also have school, homework, meetings, and myriad responsibilities on your plate. But even the fullest of schedules won’t stop you from dreaming of a beautiful outdoor space where you can host friends or enjoy the sun after a long week.

    Our turnkey outdoor landscaping solutions will make your dreams into a reality without any exertion on your part. Our professional landscapers will draw inspiration from your vision to create a space that will take you beyond satisfaction and into total bliss.

    Paysagement Duguay will take care of the analysis, design, planning, production, conceptualization, and installation required to complete your residential landscaping project. With our versatility and expertise, anything is possible!

    Make your yard shine by planting your choice of trees, shrubs, cedar hedges, and flowers. Since seeding and sodding are second nature to our team, we can guarantee you a healthy, lush, green lawn that will enhance the beds we install for you.

    Based on your preferences and budget, we can also build retaining walls that delineate different areas of your yard, reinforce your soil, and prevent erosion. It’s protecting your space and privacy in style. Whether you want to demarcate a parking lane, a driveway, or a patio, we offer a wide selection of paving stones in every imaginable colour and texture.

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    Landscaping in Lorraine