Landscaping in Rosemere

Paysagement Duguay offers a wide range of landscaping solutions in Rosemere.

For many years, Paysagement Duguay has distinguished itself as a landscaping specialist in Rosemere. As the recipient of a 2023 Consumers’ Choice Award in the landscaping category, our company employs a team of seasoned landscapers who use their skills and aesthetic sensibilities to create outstanding gardens and outdoor spaces.

Consumers’ Choice 2023

Our satisfaction rate speaks for itself! Our Rosemere landscaping company is proud to have been awarded the prestigious Consumers’ Choice Award in the landscaping category for 2023. This honour was awarded to us after an extensive and impartial analysis conducted by independent market research firms in North America. For over a decade, Quebecers have viewed the Consumers’ Choice Award as a guarantee of quality and reliability.

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    No matter your landscaping goals, our team is here for you

    Looking to expand or refresh your space? Paysagement Duguay has the expertise, eye for detail, and creative spirit to address all of your landscaping needs and desires.


    Whether you want to relocate a tree, dislodge a rock buried deep into your soil, create an outdoor dining area, or make a play area for your children, excavation may be necessary to solidify the soil and bring your residential project to life. Our qualified landscapers use a mini excavator to reach difficult areas with precision and, above all, the utmost respect for nature.

    Cedar hedge trimming

    Aesthetics are an important factor when it comes to landscaping, but that’s not the only thing that counts when trimming and pruning cedars. The landscapers at Paysagement Duguay will prune your hedges from the sides to the top, ensuring they are the right size to receive full sun and withstand the harsh winter.

    Seeding and sodding

    Grow a green lawn from scratch with seeding, an inexpensive solution that allows you to choose the perfect type of grass for your yard, or opt for instant results with sodding!

    Retaining wall construction services

    Small walls delineate different areas of your yard and create a sense of privacy, blending utility with aesthetics. In addition to beautifying your yard, they help strengthen the soil. Our experts can take care of every step, including excavation, foundation, edging, bedding, and laying the stones.

    Paving stone

    Our team will work alongside you to create a finished product that suits your personality. Find your perfect match among our vast selection of leading brands at the best prices in any style, texture, or colour.

    Custom landscaping projects in Rosemere

    Dreaming of an outdoor space that meets your needs and showcases the best features of your yard, but don’t know where to start? We’ll spin your dreams into a reality with turnkey landscaping solutions that take care of every step: analysis, design, planning, production, conceptualization, and installation.

    Create a balanced blend of fragrances and colours by planting gardens and flowerbeds where blooms and herbs can grow, and unlock your space’s full potential with trees, shrubs, hedges, and lush grass. We also build retaining walls and *revêtement des sols* to create an environment that feels like home.

    We also know a thing or two about landscape grading. Our professionals can prepare the soil for excavation, help you choose the type of grass that best suits your yard, and install paving stones that reflect your tastes. Then, we’ll install a flowerbed to tie the whole look together!

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    Landscaping in Rosemere