Fertilization and seeding

Get your lawn seeded and fertilized by maintenance and landscaping experts in Laval, Montreal the North Shore. The grass is greener with Paysagement Duguay. Our services also include aeration, the perfect solution for long-term maintenance.

Seed and fertilize your lawn for lush, green grass that’s more radiant than ever. Seeding fills in any gaps in your green space, and fertilizing delivers essential nutrients to boost its vitality. When you trust the experts at Paysagement Duguay, you can be sure that your work will be done with the best-quality soil and the utmost care.

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    The application of chemical and natural fertilizers by lawn care and treatment specialists is the best way to unlock your lawn’s full potential!

    A lawn that’s nurtured with the right ingredients using fertilization best practices offers countless benefits, including increased oxygen levels and reduced carbon emissions.


    In the spring or fall, after trying out different lawn treatments and specifically after aerating the soil, you may want to move on to topsoiling.

    Is your grass yellowed? Is it sparse, or dry? To remedy the situation, our lawn maintenance experts will refresh it with compost, leaving you with beautiful green grass!


    Planting grass seed is called “seeding” for short. It can be used to grow a lawn from scratch or improve an existing lawn.

    Seeding must be done in the spring, during the cool and rainy season. The main benefit of seeding versus sodding is being able to choose different grass types according to the sunlight in different parts of your yard: one type for sunny areas, and another for shady areas. Another advantage: seeding is less expensive! However, it will cost you a little extra patience and thoroughness, which is why you should trust the professionals at Paysagement Duguay.

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    At Paysagement Duguay, we offer a variety of services in Laval, Montreal, and the North-Shore for lawn treatment and maintenance: fertilization, seeding, topsoiling… Nobody will be able to say the grass is greener on the other side!

    Fertilization and seeding