Retaining wall construction services in Laval, Montreal, and the North Shore

Retaining walls help contain soil and gravel while preventing erosion.

They divide your yard into different levels, incorporate new and interesting textures, and demarcate the space between your flowerbeds, front steps, flowerboxes, secondary entrances, and downhill driveways. They can also be used as fences that cut through ambient noise. As useful as they are aesthetic, retaining walls provide beauty, privacy, and durability.

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    Aesthetic benefits

    Installing a retaining wall comes with many advantages, from aesthetic perks to practical functions.

    They are a great way to express your creativity by personalizing your yard, infusing it with style while protecting your landscaping.

    Practical benefits

    Retaining walls help support your soil and maintain its integrity.

    A low retaining wall can solidify your property and prevent damage caused by landslides, unforeseen events, or erosion by retaining the water and soil to avoid major issues. Want to protect your yard against potential complications? With our expertise, you can maintain an outdoor space will that’s durable, elegant, and will stand the test of time. Our expertise is at your service.

    Building different types of retaining walls

    There are several different types of walls, retaining walls, interlocking blocks, and
    fill blocks.

    We have a wide variety of products available, so you can select a colour that perfectly matches your pavers and slabs to create a uniform look that suits your tastes.

    Professional expertise and approach

    Installing a retaining wall requires an in-depth soil study before you can begin, ensuring a safe installation that respects the proper standards and procedures. Additionally, using the right materials can prevent issues like cracks and collapses. This is why it is strongly recommended to use a landscaping professional for this type of project.

    Retaining wall construction requires a number of steps depending on the project specifications, including excavation, foundation, edging, bedding, and laying the stones. Constructing a wall requires exceptional precision. First, you need to properly excavate the soil, then the ground must be retained and raised to the desired level. Next, a straight and sturdy granular foundation must be installed to ensure sufficient water drainage. This step is essential for the retaining wall’s durability, since problems are typically caused by freezing and thawing. Proper drainage is the key to a long-lasting wall. With our expertise, we promise your work will be completed with the utmost care and refined to perfection.

    Compliance with manufacturers’ standards

    What’s more, we respect manufacturers’ standards (like Techo-Bloc and Groupe Richer).

    Our projects are of the highest quality, and our clients can easily speak to our professionalism.

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    It takes more than internal motivation and creativity to bring your dream landscaping project to life! That’s why Paysagment Duguay works with you to make the retaining wall construction process a positive one, leaving you with results that will be the talk of the block. Whether you’re looking to demarcate space between your flowerbeds, front steps, or even your garage entrances, the landscapers at Paysagement Duguay approach each project with passion and an eye for detail.

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